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Girl Detective

I really enjoyed my time with Jonathan Strange and Dr. Norrell. Once into it, I really liked the characters and the universe, and was sorry when it was done.

I'm pretty sure I can still recite the Boynton oeuvre by heart, even though we retired the board books some time ago. Snuggle Puppy was our go-to song for #1 when he was fussy, and he also was sometimes calmed by reciting Hippos Go Berserk. (Always felt sorry for those 9 working hippos, who did not, in fact, go berserk.)


I hope Pretty Dead is good for you, love the cover and shallow combination of cover + author makes me want it. The love of a good story will get in there, that's the approach my parents took with me - just kept pumping in the books and they'll stick and they did.

Congratulations on starting to write again :)

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