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It's hard. When I first went back to work after my first child I was reading a lot of baby books and having a hard time reading YA and then blogging about them. After my second child I switched to part time work and I thought, finally I can read and blog again.


Then, after my 3rd child I never went back to the library. If you look at the archives on my blog you can see the steady decrease. I would read books and then it would take me weeks to get a review on the blog and by then I had forgotten the best points. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now. I'm writing about YA Fiction at the examiner as well as my blog. I hope to somebody get back to where I was, but it is HARD.

I hope I don't sound discouraging, just wanted to say "I hear you!". And that I look forward to you getting back into it.

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