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I agree that at first some of the characters feel over the top and yet like a good friend with annoying qualities, you love them in the end. Laura the ever optimist, Viva, the Cuban Shirley MacLaine and a host of others: bi, straight and gender benders. This book draws you and gives you a nice ride till the very end.

My sentiments exactly, Dawn! Also, I too, could've used a loving and energetic Looly when I was going thru the angst and the incredible drain parents can put you thru!It tires me to revisit my own memories and a parent who obsessively asked if I'd been "penetrated", a major no-no in many Hispanic cultures. I also knew of too many friends farmed off to a relative under Franco's Spain, or worse yet, just kicked out of their homes. What Laura endured rings very true and real to me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the balancd cast of characters. I'd love to party with my own "Tazer". I think this book was long overdue.

Vicky S. Katz

Frankly, I was skeptical when a friend really insisted that I read “Down To The Bone”- I thought I had probably read a similar story many times before. Was I wrong! Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down- I savored very page, and I had a hard time saying goodbye to Laura and her friends. I sincerely hope that Mayra Lazara Dole is considering writing a sequel.

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