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Your Girl

You're my brilliant star! I love you!




Great start! Can't wait to read more....


more now please. what a fantastic idea and a fabulous project...


What a wonderful start! I'll agree with "revolutionary," my dear...


Yeah... it's okay.

No-actually, I love it. What an awesome undertaking!


That was brilliant Dear. I loved it! It makes me want to go back and read the book all over again.


Gosh, I'd forgotten about Sybil. All I remembered was the cologne on the balls thing. As a 'slut' who never once felt slutty no matter how much I was hounded and mocked, I'm sad to see this same kind of bashing and coyness is still going on all these years later. Knock 'em dead, sweetie. ~LA


oh, you are so brilliant and amazing! i just came back here to check for new developments at this webpage. there's no doubt i'm hooked and will return again and again... xo


What a great site and compelling topic. You touched on an interesting point in your PAQs. It does seem as though sex as it applies to boys in this literature is about what they do while sex applied to girls is about who they are. Insightful. Keep it up! -S


What a great thing, your "mission!" And I love how you lay it out here, define and explain it.

There's a lot of baggage in our culture about SEX. Look at how "The Dark Knight" (the latest Batman movie) was rated PG-13, but the "Sex And The City" movie was rated R.

How our culture can think that all that violence is somehow more appropriate for 13-18 year olds than women dealing with their sexuality and relationships, is maddening.

I applaud you and your mission, and you should know you have many allies!

In solidarity,

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